Myanmar military loses airport to anti-junta fighters in southern Rakhine State

Two junta bases are located near the captured airport in Thandwe Township, which the junta relied on to send reinforcements and supplies to the area

The ethnic armed organisation Arakha Army (AA) took control of a vital airport from junta forces in Thandwe Township, Rakhine State on Sunday, according to locals and sources close to the group.  

The airport is located close to the base of the Myanmar army’s Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 566 and to beach resorts outside the town of Ngapali, an historically popular tourist destination frequented by Myanmar military troops for recreation.  

The beach is the site of a cluster of luxury hotels owned by cronies of the Myanmar military and high-ranking officials. 

Clashes have continued since the AA took control of the airport, as the group is still attempting to capture the LIB 566 base and the Infantry Battalion 55 base in Ngapali’s Zee Hpyu Kone ward, residents of Thandwe Township said. 

“Last night the AA occupied Thandwe Airport, which is very. . .

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