Myanmar junta’s airstrikes kill dozens throughout the country in less than a week

Following the bombing of a monastery in Karen State on Sunday, the air force’s attacks have resulted in at least 23 civilian deaths across four states and Sagaing Region in the past three days

The Myanmar air force continued its bombing campaign across several states and one region this week, injuring several dozen and killing at least 23, according to local villagers and news sources. 

An airstrike on Ma Naw Thar village in Sagaing Region’s Homalin Township killed a three-year-old girl, her mother, and another civilian woman sheltering in a monastery on Monday at around 4:30pm.

“A fighter jet dropped bombs over the monastery after junta troops retreated from the village,” said a villager, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The airstrike was one of two that the air force conducted in the village that day, according to villagers, who also said that a civilian man, a five-month-old infant, and seven other children between five and 16 years old sustained injuries in the attacks and needed emergency treatment. 

Since March 30, resistance forces have been attacking. . .

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