Myanmar junta troops dismember, kill 11 civilians in Sagaing Region 

Soldiers and junta-trained militia members in Taze Township tortured and murdered defenceless hostages before mutilating their remains, according to administrators and resistance fighters operating under the NUG

(Content warning: This article contains descriptions of extreme violence that may be disturbing for some readers. We advise discretion in reading this content.)

The People’s Administration Team (Taze PAT) of Taze Township, Sagaing Region released a statement on Monday accusing the Myanmar army of brutally killing and mutilating the remains of 11 civilian men in the township between February 21 and March 1. 

The PAT, which operates under the publicly mandated, anti-junta National Unity Government (NUG), alleged that junta troops murdered the defenceless victims—all men between 27 and 70 years old—while holding them captive.  

The PAT’s statement cited accounts from eyewitnesses, who said only one of the victims appeared to have died by gunshot alone, while the rest were beheaded, had their throats cut, or were beaten or hacked to death. Some were dismembered before being killed, according. . .

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