Myanmar junta tries to re-enlist veterans back into military

Under the Reserve Forces Law, army pensioners can be recalled for service within five years of retirement or coaxed back with promises of income

The junta is attempting to convince veterans to rejoin the military, offering incentives such as a promised exemption from frontline service, according to retired soldiers who have been approached about re-enlisting. 

Three days after the military council announced on February10 that it would be enforcing a conscription law compelling men up to age 35 and women up to 27 to serve in the armed forces for at least two years, the junta also declared it would be putting the Reserve Forces Law back into action. 

The statute requires veterans to return to the military if they are asked to do so within five years of their discharge or retirement, which is allowed from age 62, raised from 60 in 2022.

Anyone who fails to comply with a summons under the Reserve Forces Law faces up to three years in prison. 

Within a week of the announcement. . .

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