Myanmar junta shelling kills eight displaced Rohingya people in Sittwe 

Due to the military’s restrictions on their movements, displaced Rohingya people remain trapped while most of the city’s residents flee artillery fire and the imminent threat of battles

Eight Rohingya civilians were killed and nine injured around 9pm on Saturday by a heavy artillery shell fired by junta forces into the Rakhine State capital of Sittwe, local sources said.

According to one Sittwe resident, the junta’s Police Battalion 12 stationed in Set Yon Su Ward fired at least two shells, one of which detonated on the boundary between Aung Min Ga Lar and Ka Thea Ywar wards near the city’s centre. 

“Nine are injured and eight dead, all Muslims. The victims’ genders are still unconfirmed. There are children among them,” the resident told Myanmar Now, citing information from a social welfare group that provided care to the victims.

The injured victims were reportedly brought to Sittwe’s main hospital.

The resident added that the noise from the artillery had been loud enough to make houses shake. 

“It was very loud. The houses even shook. . .

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