Myanmar junta launches first basic military training for conscripts

Hundreds of young men, many of whom have been selected and summoned through a lottery, are brought to northern Yangon Region to be taught how to fight in the regime’s army

The junta’s first military training for conscripts commenced last week in Taikkyi Township, Yangon Region.

Photos of the opening ceremony held on March 29 at the No. 1 Basic Military Training School circulated online depicting junta supporters welcoming hundreds of youth with drums, floral garlands, and food.

Residents of Yangon say that young people are being forced into military service through a lottery, summoned to training through letters issued by junta authorities and taken from their homes.

“The authorities came to the house of a boy to summon him for military service, but he was no longer at home: he had fled,” a man from Mayangone Township said. “However, they tend to implement it by force. They will visit any house they wish in order to summon. . .

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