Myanmar junta intensifies efforts to bring veterans back into active service

Retired servicemen up to the age of 67 are being ordered to return to military duty or face up to three years in prison

Retired military personnel are coming under increasing pressure as Myanmar’s coup regime steps up its efforts to restore its dwindling troop numbers, according to sources close to the armed forces.

Since the beginning of June, more than 100 former army officers have arrived at the Ywar Taw military guesthouse in Naypyitaw to undergo physical examinations and receive their orders, a person living near the guesthouse told Myanmar Now.

“Those who worked in logistics bases are given logistics duties, while former trainers and others with technical skills have been reassigned to their respective positions,” said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to Myanmar Now’s investigations, at least 50 military trucks full of former officers have arrived at the guesthouse since early last week. Some higher-ranking officers, including captains and colonels, have also been seen arriving in their own vehicles.

“Those who had high ranks and salaries. . .

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