Myanmar junta holding more than 100 in Naypyitaw for allegedly resisting conscription

Judicial sources claim that military authorities have not provided legal representation for at least 118 people currently detained at the Naypyitaw Jail for attempting to flee forced recruitment

Over 100 young people arrested on suspicion of evading compulsory military service since April are in custody at the Naypyitaw Jail in Myanmar’s capital, according to a source connected with the courts. 

Authorities have been arresting people in the eligible age range for fleeing conscription since the last week of April, after drafting the first batch of recruits into service. According to the judicial staff member, they held the detainees at military bases instead of police stations before ultimately sending them to Naypyitaw.  

“Some of the youths were arrested during security checks, while some were caught in groups while trying to flee and others were arrested for not holding national registration cards while traveling,” he said, requesting that his identity be withheld. 

The judicial source added that there were 118 people currently detained at the Naypyidaw Jail and that all their cases had been filed. . .

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