Myanmar air force bombs monastery in Mutraw District after capture of Hpapun

The junta air force is bombing civilian targets in Mutraw District—the territory under the administration of the Karen National Union’s Brigade 5—as Karen anti-junta forces and their allies continue fighting to push out the remaining junta forces

Junta airstrikes on a monastery and other civilian targets killed at least six including a monk and injured at least 15 on Sunday in a Karen State town captured by anti-junta forces last month, aid workers and local sources said.

The town—called Hpapun in Burmese—is within the administrative territory of Brigade 5 of the Karen National Union, which they call Mutraw District. According to the demarcation by a previous Myanmar government, which differs from the KNU’s structuring of its territory, Hpapun is the administrative centre of the township by the same name. 

The airstrikes hit a monastery housing some 200 displaced civilians, killing a monk, three other men, and two women, according to members of the Free Burma Rangers, an international aid and emergency rescue organisation.

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