Laukkai recovers by fits and starts under MNDAA 

While dismantling and removing remnants of the old regime backed by the junta, the Kokang Army has also demolished a neighbourhood with ethnic minority inhabitants and severely restricted access to the city from other parts of Myanmar

In Laukkai, northern Shan State, the Kokang ethnic organisation that took control in January  is working to consolidate its control by eliminating vestiges of the old, junta-backed system and prevailing way of life before its takeover. 

With a ceasefire in force over the past two months, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA)—an armed organisation of ethnic Kokang fighters that captured Laukkai from junta forces in January—claims to have started demolition operations. They have dismantled and removed signs, stalls, and buildings put in place under the old, Myanmar military-backed system.

MNDAA issued a statement in Mandarin on its Facebook page on February 28 detailing how they had removed signs throughout Laukkai bearing the military-designated name “Kokang Self-Administered Zone” over the previous two days, as well as billboards, signboards, stalls, and advertisements promoting gambling or “pornographic” lewdness. 

The MNDAA . . .

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