Karenni resistance forces shoot down junta helicopter 

The helicopter arrived at the site of a military airstrike and may have been transporting people away from the location, an officer in the Karenni Army speculates

Allied resistance forces in Karenni State shot down a junta helicopter in Hpasawng Township on Monday, an officer in the Karenni Army (KA) told Myanmar Now. 

Col Phone Naing, the adjutant general of the KA, which is the armed wing of the Karenni National Progressive Party, said that the incident occurred at 11am. 

The aircraft may have been transporting people wounded in a bombing carried out by a military fighter jet over the same area, he said, speculating on the timing of the helicopter’s arrival. 

“Before the helicopter came, a jet fighter dropped bombs on the area, and the helicopter got there later. The helicopter was supposed to carry patients,” Col Phone Naing said. 

Such a rescue practice is not standard for the Myanmar military, which regularly launches airstrikes on civilian areas and does not airlift victims to safety, frequently causing mass casualties. However, further. . .

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