Junta’s restrictions on working abroad derail young men’s future plans

A notice sent to employment agencies this week said authorities would not permit men aged 23 to 31 to leave Myanmar for work, even if they were approved before the new rule went into effect

Names in this story have been changed to protect our sources’ security

A ban by the military regime on men pursuing foreign employment has wrecked thousands of young men’s prospects for taking jobs outside Myanmar since junta officials confirmed the decision last week. 

A junta official told Myanmar Now on May 1 that authorities would no longer allow male Myanmar citizens to work in foreign countries if they were eligible for conscription. Its impact is likely to be far-reaching even after authorities specified a narrower age range for the ban this week.

Some young men, however, are resolute in their refusal to enlist in the military and have continued to seek any available means to escape the country and the reach of a nationwide conscription. . .

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