Junta police shoot and arrest activist in Bago

Police officers shot and arrested a 24-year-old political activist and detained his mother from their home in Bago on Thursday, according to local sources. 

At around 10pm, junta police came to Zayar Aungmyay St in Bago’s Hinthagone 19th ward in two unmarked vehicles to arrest activist Sithu Kaung Myat, a well-known and active protester in local anti-coup demonstrations. 

The policemen opened fire when it appeared that Sithu Kaung Myat was trying to run away, a local man said. 

“They shot the young man three times in front of his mother when he was trying to escape. He was shot in his chest,” the man told Myanmar Now. 

He added that Sithu Kaung Myat was on the second floor of the house when he was shot, while his mother was on the ground floor. 

The police handcuffed the 50-year-old woman, who the source said has been in poor health, and raided the home. 

“After the shooting, his mother was handcuffed and taken into a car. The young man had not been carried away at that time,” the man explained. “They ransacked the house and took their belongings, including a motorcycle that they wanted. Then the boy was taken into the car.” 

Sithu Kaung Myat was taken to Bago General Hospital, but his condition and the whereabouts of his mother were still unknown at the time of reporting. 

Myanmar Now tried to contact the Bago police station but received no response. 

According to data released by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners on Wednesday, 6,698 people have been imprisoned by the junta since the February 1 coup, and at least 1,120 civilians have been killed.  

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