Junta orders civilians to guard villages on Naypyitaw-Bago border

Village administrators are assigning unarmed local security guards to stand watch at night in Lewe Township

The junta has recently started appointing civilians to act as overnight security guards in Naypyitaw’s Lewe Township, Myanmar Now has learned. 

Residents from around 20 villages along the old highway connecting Yangon and Mandalay—and largely along the Bago Region border—have been asked to take up the role since mid-February, supervised by local administrators. 

One such village administrator claimed that the order to set up a nightwatch came from the general administration department of the junta, which is overseeing the project. 

The guards are being paid between 3,000 and 7,000 kyat (around US$1.40 to $3.30) per shift, he said, and the number of people hired is dependent on the size of the village. 

“A person is selected from every four to five households to serve as a night guard,” a local from Lewe told Myanmar Now. “If you. . .

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