Junta checkpoint in Magwe Region bombed, killing one policeman and injuring two more

A security checkpoint set up by the junta in Magwe Region’s Salin Township was bombed at around 10am on Tuesday, killing one police officer and severely injuring two more, according to local sources. 

“It’s on the Minbu-Salin highway. We still don’t know for sure who perpetrated the attack. The bomb hit three out of seven officers on duty. One died on the spot and the other two are not in very good shape either,” a local man told Myanmar Now. 

He said that the bomb had completely destroyed the checkpoint.

“Explosions have been taking place in the Minbu, Salin and Pwintbyu areas but today’s bomb was particularly powerful,” he said, referring to three Magwe Region townships. 

Minbu and Pwintbyu are more than 60km and 30km southeast of Salin, respectively.

Using whatever weapons are available, People’s Defence Forces (PDFs) have formed nationwide to carry out armed resistance against the coup regime, including in many Magwe townships such as Salin. 

Another Salin local said an increasing number of townships in the region were joining the movement.

As part of a strategy to weaken and destroy the junta, PDFs and other independent guerrilla forces have been perpetrating targeted attacks on military-appointed administrators, military council offices, checkpoints, troop columns, and those believed to be collaborators or informants. 

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