Four resistance fighters killed in Myanmar military raid on Sagaing Region camp

Six members of a village defence force are captured and shot in a morning ambush of their camp by junta soldiers—two survived but are in critical condition

Four members of a local resistance group were executed last week when junta troops raided their base in southern Monywa Township, Sagaing Region, according to a fighter who escaped the attack. 

The soldiers ambushed the camp of a village defence force—located between Monywa and Chaung-U—on the morning of September 6, capturing six men while an unconfirmed number of people managed to flee. One of these individuals spoke to Myanmar Now, explaining that those held by the junta were forced to lie on their stomachs before being shot. 

He identified the dead as Htet Gyi, 19; Bor Baw Baw, 23; Cho Gyi, 24; and Sonny, 26.

Two men survived despite suffering gunshot wounds to the head and back, but the resistance member did not identify them by name. 

“They placed them in a pit because they all appeared to be dead. When the junta soldiers left, we re-entered the location and two were alive and able to receive medical treatment,” he said, describing the condition of the survivors as “very bad.” 

The troops reportedly collected handmade explosives from the resistance site and placed them in the pit alongside the bodies, but they did not detonate. 

After the military unit left, they set the buildings in the camp ablaze, according to the escaped village defence force member, but not before seizing weapons and ammunition. 

The junta has not issued a statement regarding the incident.

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