Four civilians killed in Myanmar army attacks on Indaw villages

Junta forces killed at least four civilians during a series of attacks that began late last week in Sagaing Region’s Indaw Township, according to a local resistance source.

The soldiers responsible for the killings entered Indaw from neighbouring Htigyaing Township last Thursday and raided six villages over the next five days, a spokesperson for the Indaw People’s Defence Force (PDF) told Myanmar Now.

During the first three days, the junta column of around 100 soldiers clashed with a combined force of Indaw PDF and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) troops and torched dozens of houses, the PDF spokesperson said.

At least 30 regime troops were killed or injured in the fighting, while only one PDF casualty was reported, he added.

The affected villages were Nyaung Kone, Gyone Gyone Kya, Gyone Gyone Kya Myothit, Ma Au Kone, and Pain Inn, all located in the southern part of the township.

Fighting also took place on Tuesday as the junta forces left the village of Set Taw Kone, where they burned down more than 70 houses and barns, according to the PDF spokesperson.

“We launched an attack as they were leaving Set Taw Kone, but it didn’t turn into a full-blown clash,” he said.

All four civilian victims were found dead in Pain Inn after they entered the village on Friday to inspect the damage from the soldiers’ arson attacks, he added.

“They were spotted by soldiers who chased and shot them. Two died on the spot and two were killed after they were captured,” said the PDF spokesperson.

Three of the victims were identified as Aung Naing Tun, Nay Win, and Kyaw Lwin; the identity of the fourth man was not available at the time of reporting. All four bodies were found inside the compound of the village monastery.

Residents of the area said there has been no fighting since Tuesday, but expressed concern that it could resume at any time as the junta column regroups in the town of Indaw, where around 300 regime soldiers are currently stationed.

According to one woman living in the town, local residents were being searched near the township’s education office on Thursday. There were also rumours that the military is planning to begin making arrests, she said.

Regime forces entering Indaw Township, which borders Kachin State, are frequently intercepted by KIA and PDF forces active in the area.

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