Ethnic Kokang army invites workers with ‘clean political background’ to ‘rebuild’ region

Job seekers from across Myanmar are invited to northern Shan State’s Kokang region as long as they do not have any demonstrated connection to the military junta

The ethnic Kokang Myanmar Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) will permit employment agencies to recruit people for jobs in its territory in northern Shan State to create a larger workforce, the armed group announced on Sunday. 

The statement said that a “large number of workers and technicians” would be required to “rebuild the region after the war,” referring to the Kokang Self-Administered Zone, which centred around the city of Laukkai on the Chinese border. 

MNDAA spokesperson Li Kyar Win told Myanmar Now that people interested in relocating to the Kokang region for work could contact employers directly or work with agencies. 

“As it is mentioned in the statement, if the employees they hire have any political scandals in their past or were affiliated with the military council, we will take serious action against them,” he warned. 

While the Kokang region relies on Mandarin Chinese as its. . .

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