Civilian death toll rises amid escalating clashes in northern Shan State capital

Locals claimed barrages of shells killed more than a dozen people in Lashio Township on Wednesday and Thursday after the Kokang Army, a Brotherhood Alliance member, reportedly initiated attacks on military outposts

At least 16 civilians were killed this week as shells rained down on villages and urban wards in Lashio Township, northern Shan State after junta bases came under attack, locals and resistance sources said.  

Locals told Myanmar Now that they first heard multiple rounds of artillery fire from junta bases located on the outskirts of Lashio at around 10pm on Tuesday, as junta forces clashed with the the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), also known colloquially as the Kokang Army. 

Shells began to land inside the town before dawn the next morning, residents claimed. 

“Shells fired from outside of town hit junta bases at the town perimeter at around 4am,” a Lashio resident said on Wednesday. 

Lashio, northern Shan State’s largest city and administrative capital, is the location of the junta’s Northeastern Regional Military Command (RMC) headquarters, which appeared to be one. . .

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