Civilian casualties reported across Rakhine State as junta attacks with artillery in the south and airstrikes in the north

Military shelling kills at least 10 people in a Thandwe Township village, and an airstrike destroys a hospital in Kyauktaw

At least 10 civilians in southern Rakhine State’s Thandwe Township were killed by junta artillery fire on Tuesday, while the number of casualties is not yet confirmed following a military airstrike on a hospital in the state’s northern Kyauktaw Township carried out after midnight. 

The victims in Thandwe lived in the village of Linthi, and were ethnic Kaman Muslims, locals said. The community is around 17 miles north of the township’s administrative centre. Before Tuesday’s shelling, nearby fighting had been taking place between the junta’s forces and those belonging to the Arakan Army (AA), an ethnic armed organisation with growing territorial claims and influence throughout the state. 

“Ten people were killed while several people who were injured lost their legs or hands and are at the hospital,” a resident from a village near Linthi told Myanmar Now, adding that the bodies of those. . .

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