Civilian allegedly injured in clash in Chin State capital 

A civilian was injured when a clash between the Hakha-based chapter of the Chinland Defence Force (CDF) and the coup regime’s armed forces broke out on Tuesday in the Chin State capital, the same day that the National Unity Government (NUG) declared war on the junta. 

A friend of the victim said that he was hit by a stray bullet that entered his home. 

“We were hiding under the house and the stray bullet from outside hit his arm. It missed his bone though. We only managed to get to the hospital this morning,” the friend explained, adding that some nearby houses were destroyed in the exchange of gunfire.  

Another local also said that they heard several gunshots throughout the night.  

“I think there were almost 50 consecutive rounds,” he said. 

The CDF-Hakha reported that the clash with the junta units started at around 9pm near the military council’s administration office for Chin State.

A member of the resistance group said that there had been no casualties on their side, but they did not know if any juntra troops had been killed. 

He urged the public to prepare for the greater likelihood of urban clashes, which he anticipates will intensify since the NUG’s declaration of a state of emergency. 

“We need to dig bunkers at or near our houses. People should stay inside and avoid travelling during these times. Although we are trying our best not to harm the civilians, the terrorist military council will not hesitate to shoot at civilians or shell civilian areas,” the CDF member said. 

The military council did not release a statement on the fighting in Hakha. 

A member of the CDF chapter in Kanpetlet Township said that the military “terrorised” civilians in Thantlang Township while shooting indiscriminately for 30 minutes at 10pm on Tuesday evening from their station outside the township’s police station and school. 

“We didn’t carry out any shootings last night. It was just the soldiers that were shooting aimlessly in the town. They fired shells as well. We still don’t know about the casualties,” the CDF member said. “They are known to terrorise the town in a similar manner at night.” 

A spokesperson for the CDF, which is a coalition made up of resistance fighters from various ethnic Chin townships and areas, said that the CDF supports the NUG’s recent announcement, being called the launch of “D-Day.”

“Now that D-Day has arrived, the battles of the People’s Defence Forces in every state and region are going to get more serious,” he told Myanmar Now. “This is our chance to intensify our attacks. We believe we have the upper hand in the battles on the ground, except for the lack of an air force.”

Civilian-led armed resistance to the military council began in several Chin townships in April, with locals fighting back against the junta with traditional hunting rifles. 

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