Chinland Defence Force attacks junta soldiers in Matupi 

Resistance fighters from the Chinland Defence Force (CDF) attacked a government office where soldiers were stationed near the Chin State town of Matupi on Friday morning, killing two and severely injuring another, the CDF said. 

Around 10 soldiers were based at the Matupi District Office, five miles outside of the town, when the attack happened. “We have clashed so many times at that place,” a CDF spokesperson said. 

Some 30 junta soldiers from Infantry Battalion 140, which is based in Matupi, arrived at the office as reinforcements after the attack and the situation remained tense, he added. 

The day before the attack, the Matupi CDF teamed up with the Chin National Army to attack an outpost of Light Infantry Battalion 304 on the road linking Matupi to the town of Paletwa. 

Two junta soldiers on guard duty died in that attack and five were injured, while the resistance forces retreated without suffering any casualties, the group said. 

The CDF said they attacked the soldiers because they had been terrorising civilians travelling along the road. 

Both of the battalions whose soldiers were attacked last week have occasionally fired artillery shells at villages in Matupi Township, the CDF spokesperson said, adding that hundreds had fled as a result from the villages of Phaneng and Ngaleng. 

Myanmar Now was unable to confirm the number of casualties from the clashes. A junta spokesperson did not answer calls seeking comment.  

The military council, which has declared the CDF and other resistance groups terrorist organisations, sent thousands of soldiers to Chin State as reinforcement starting in October in a bid to passify the armed uprising there. 

Last week junta soldiers torched another 49 houses in the deserted Chin town of Thantlang, where over 200 homes had already been destroyed by fire. 

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