As fighting continues, Myanmar travellers find hitting the road more difficult

Across wide swathes of the country, travel disruptions have added to the hardships many now face

As war rages around Myanmar, travel has become increasingly difficult—and expensive—in parts of the country worst hit by the spreading conflict.

In northern Shan State, where an alliance of ethnic armed groups has been waging a major offensive against the military for nearly a month, the usual bus services to Lashio, the region’s largest town, have been suspended.

To get there from central Myanmar is now possible only in small vans known locally as “dices,” and service is only available once every three days, according to staff at two Yangon-based companies specialising in travel to Shan State.

The fare for the trip from Yangon to Lashio is now substantially more than it was just a month ago—between 100,000 and 130,000 kyat, or US$48-62 at the rate set by the regime. This is triple what it would have cost before the start. . .

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