Airstrikes on medical facilities hinder access to healthcare in Myanmar’s resistance-held areas 

The attacks have aggravated patients’ difficulties in getting needed care in clinics and hospitals, which are sparsely distributed in “liberated areas” and have to maintain discretion about their locations

The junta air force has carried out aerial attacks on at least eight healthcare facilities in areas under the control of anti-regime forces since the beginning of 2024, according to resistance and local sources. 

According to information compiled from reporting by Myanmar Now, at least 132 civilians have died and around 300 have been injured since the beginning of this year in 30 airstrikes on civilian targets across five states and two regions. Close to 20 children were killed in airstrikes during this six-month period.

Myanmar Now counted each incident as an airstrike regardless of the quantity or kind of aircraft, firepower, or munitions deployed.

At least four of the aerial assaults recorded by Myanmar Now caused extensive damage to local healthcare facilities in Chin, Rakhine, Karenni and southern Shan states, forcing them to suspend their services or relocate.

The health ministry of the publicly mandated National. . .

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