Soldiers and police fire into housing compound for Mandalay railway workers

Soldiers and police fired into a housing compound for railway staff in Mandalay at around 9:45pm on Wednesday, according to a resident of the compound.

“They fired approximately 15 rounds of bullets,” the resident told Myanmar Now.

“We found live bullets and they also used tear gas. I don’t know who got injured. I am still hiding to protect my family,” he said.

Before the start of the nightly curfew at 8pm, a crowd of about 300 protesters gathered near Mandalay train station was dispersed by police without incident.

“We had already returned to our homes because of the curfew. They are doing this on purpose,” the source added.

Myanmar Now has been unable to confirm how many people, if any, were injured in the incident. 

On Monday, soldiers and police violently broke up a crowd of protesters in front of the Myanma Economic Bank in Mandalay by firing steel balls from air guns and slingshots.

Protesters had gathered in the area to urge bank staff to join a general strike aimed at toppling the military regime.

Security forces also shot into the homes of people who were watching the attacks from inside their houses and shops, according to a Myanmar Now reporter and other witnesses at the scene.

At least three people were injured and two arrested in the crackdown. A reporter was beaten and briefly detained, but released when he explained that he was a journalist. 

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