Sagaing PDFs claim dozens of junta casualties in multiple attacks  

Two People’s Defence Force (PDF) groups operating in southern Sagaing Region say they killed a total of more than 50 regime forces in a series of attacks carried out over the past two days.

On Tuesday, the Myinmu PDF launched multiple attacks on a military column of around 40 troops after it killed two of the group’s members during a raid on a village earlier in the day.

The column entered Inn Ma, a village located about 25km northeast of the town of Myinmu, at around 5am and engaged in a clash with PDF members stationed there as guards, according to Myinmu PDF information officer Khin Thaung.

“They came in firing light and heavy weapons, and they killed two of our men who were providing security,” he said. 

The victims, Wai Phyo and Soe Sint, were both in their 20s, he added.

After ransacking several homes in Inn Ma, the soldiers proceeded to Gon Hnyin Seik, a village about 3km to the south, where they were intercepted by members of the Chaung-U PDF.

“They were resting near Gon Hnyin Seik when we ambushed them. They responded with heavy artillery fire, forcing us to retreat. But before we did, we laid explosives for them,” said Khin Thaung.

Two soldiers were reportedly killed in that clash, which lasted from around 11am to 5pm, while nine more died as a result of injuries from the explosives, he added.

PDF members prepare to engage regime forces in eastern Myinmu Township (Myinmu PDF)

As the column continued to move south towards Myinmu, it came under attack again near a village called Kan Pyar. Five junta soldiers were taken away in ambulances after that assault, the Myinmu PDF spokesperson told Myanmar Now.

Meanwhile, west of Myinmu in Chaung-U Township, anti-regime forces claimed that they killed 41 soldiers and five police officers  in a series of attacks carried out over a period of two days.

The leader of the Chaung-U PDF, who did not want to be identified, said that the attacks targeted two groups—a military column of around 50 troops and members of the military-backed Pyu Saw Htee militia, and around 50 military personnel stationed in the town of Chaung-U.

The first group was attacked after raiding Methekyo, a village located about 6km west of Chaung-U, on Tuesday. It was hit by explosives as it was heading towards the village of Kinmun Taw, where the Pyu Saw Htee members were reportedly from.

“They were returning from Methekyo with oxcarts full of stuff they had looted. We planted some explosives, and the carts were blown to pieces,” the Chaung-U PDF leader said.

A total of 11 attacks were carried out against both groups over the next two days, he added.

He claimed that the casualty figures were provided by inside sources in the military who have been secretly providing information to the resistance.

“We can confirm through our sources that they suffered very heavy casualties,” he said. 

Myanmar Now has not been able to independently confirm the death counts provided by the two PDF groups, and regime officials were not available for comment.

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