Myanmar junta’s top internal affairs official visits China 

Lt.-Gen. Yar Pyae may receive an award for cooperating with China in arresting and prosecuting Myanmar officials suspected of involvement in international cybercrime operations

The military council’s home affairs minister Lt.-Gen. Yar Pyae travelled to Beijing on Wednesday to discuss bilateral law enforcement and security cooperation with Chinese public security minister Wang Xiaohong, regime-controlled news outlets said. 

The visit, which is scheduled to last five days, comes after a previous meeting between Yar Pyae and China’s ambassador to Myanmar Chen Hai in Naypyitaw on April 11, at which the two officials discussed criminal online gambling and scam operations based in Myanmar and the necessary means to combat them. 

According to junta-run media, Chinese authorities may be planning to give an award to Yar Pyae recognising his role in fighting international cybercrime operations to which hundreds of Chinese nationals—as well as citizens of other countries neighbouring Myanmar—have fallen victim. 

Yar Pyae and junta chief Sen.-Gen. Min Aung Hlaing . . .

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