Myanmar gangster and junta collaborator murdered in Yangon

Kyaw Win Sein also had a following on TikTok as an exemplar of the Burmese version of the thug life

One of Myanmar’s most notorious criminals—who in the final year of his life also found a role as leader of a pro-junta militia—was brutally murdered in Yangon on Friday.

Kyaw Win Sein, aged around 53, had spent most of his adult life behind bars for committing a long list of criminal offences, including robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and battery.

Most recently arrested in 2016, he was serving a sentence of more than 70 years when he was freed from Yangon’s Insein Prison during one of last year’s mass amnesties—which saw the release of thousands of ordinary convicts, but only a handful of political detainees.

According to police sources, soon after returning to the streets of Yangon, Kyaw Win Sein was assigned to lead a 50-member group of fellow criminals. . .

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