Multiple blasts reported across Yangon

Five townships in Yangon were hit by explosions late Sunday evening and early Monday morning, according to local residents.

The blasts, most of which appeared to target police facilities, took place in the city’s Dagon, Kamayut, Insein, South Okkalapa and North Dagon townships. No casualties were reported, but witnesses said there was extensive damage to property.

A resident of North Dagon said that no one was harmed by an explosion that went off at the intersection of Pyidaungsu and Min Ye Kyaw Swar roads at around 9pm on Sunday, but a traffic police box was badly damaged.

“The front of the police box was ruined,” he said.

Another traffic police box located at the intersection of Waizayantar and Parami roads in South Okkalapa was also hit at around 5am on Monday, a resident of the area told Myanmar Now.

“We heard around three explosions. They were quite big. Some police equipment was destroyed, but I don’t think anyone was injured, as it was very early in the morning,” said the witness.

The area was later closed off by regime forces investigating the blasts, he added.

Similarly, no one is believed to have been harmed by an explosion that went off at the corner of Pyay and Insein roads in Kamayut Township at around 5:45am on Monday. 

However, there was damage to a police box and traffic lights at the intersection, according to a local resident, who added that the blast occurred shortly after the departure of a police vehicle that was parked nearby.

“The traffic lights were destroyed. They’re still not operational. I don’t think anyone was injured as it was early in the morning,” the resident said.

In Insein Township, there were explosions at three different intersections and at a security checkpoint near Insein Railway Station. Local media outlet Insein News reported on Facebook that CCTV cameras were destroyed by the blasts.

“I heard the first explosion before 5am. There were a few more until around 5:30am. I think there were around five of them in all,” a woman living in the area told Myanmar Now.

According to the Popular News Journal, another explosion went off at the corner of Pyay and Shin Saw Pu roads in Dagon Township at around 6am.

An explosive had been planted inside the control panel of a traffic light at the intersection and damaged a police box, the journal reported. 

Myanmar Now was unable to reach police or other regime authorities for comment.

Urban guerrilla groups opposed to the junta that seized power on February 1 have staged numerous bombings in Yangon and other cities in recent months.

Most such attacks have been non-lethal, although targeted assassinations have also taken place. 

On August 14, five police officers were shot and killed aboard a train while riding on Yangon’s circle line. 

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