High-impact ‘drop bombs’ retaking the sky from Myanmar junta 

When the TNLA carried out an airstrike in Namhsan before taking the town last month, it was one of thousands of times that anti-junta forces have used drones during the Operation 1027 offensive

A squad of Myanmar pro-democracy fighters works quickly to ready drones for an attack on a nearby military base, the latest target in a wave of aerial assaults that has helped turn the war against the junta. 

The team stood back as one contraption named “Bomber VIII” carrying a new six-kilogram explosive soared over a line of trees.

“The military position is four kilometres away from us,” said Soe Thuya Zaw, the drone unit’s leader, as he punched coordinates into a map on his phone.

“It is within our reach.”

Minutes later the drones had reached the position and at the push of a button released their “drop bombs” over the target. 

The team counted two blasts. One had failed to detonate, but all three drones returned safely. 

Opponents of Myanmar’s junta use such attacks to challenge the military’s dominance of the skies. . .

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