Blasts reported at three locations in Magway’s Myaing Township

Bomb blasts went off at three locations in Magway Region’s Myaing Township early Tuesday morning, in the latest of a series of explosions that have hit various parts of the country in recent days.

All three blasts occurred at around 4am and appeared to target government offices, local sources told Myanmar Now. No injuries were reported.

The sources said that there were two explosions in front of the township court, one near the office of the head of education, and another in a public hospital compound near the home of the hospital administrator.

Although no details could be confirmed, residents said they believed the blasts were caused by homemade bombs and were linked to the anti-coup Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).

“[Officials] appointed by the military council have been pressuring CDM workers. I heard these explosives were set off by civilians as a warning about this,” said one educator who is participating in the CDM.

According to a source who asked not to be identified, a number of teachers in the township have left the CDM since being told recently that they will face charges of incitement under Section 505a of the Penal Code if they don’t return to work.

“Those responsible [for the explosions] may be trying to warn non-CDM workers that they are not safe, either,” the source said.

Despite pressure from the regime to force public employees back to work, residents say that only three schools are currently open in 15 villages in the township—a high school in Kan Ni and the middle schools of Obo and Kan Nat.

Regime officials arrived at the scene of the explosions soon after they occurred, but have not released a statement.

Meanwhile, there were also reports that a bomb went off at the college of education in the Mon State capital Mawlamyine early Tuesday morning. 

Local sources confirmed that a security guard was injured in the incident. No further details were available at the time of reporting. 

There have been at least a dozen explosions reported around the country since last weekend, according to state media and other sources.

While most have been in Yangon, there was also one in Bago on Monday that left five people dead, including an elected lawmaker and three police defectors.

No one has taken responsibility for the blasts, which state media has blamed on “rioters” opposed to a February 1 military coup that ousted Myanmar’s elected civilian government.


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